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Desperate to pee (20 January 2016)
Maya is so desperate. The toilet is broken again. First she tries to pee on the balcony, but her bladder is so full that she cannot. Then it comes and she runs to bathroom and pees in the bathtub - WD18

Wetting the kitchen floor (18 January 2016)
Maya has been drinking beer and pepsi all day long, and since the toilet is broken, her only option left is to pee with her legs wide open on the kitchen floor. And what a jet he has.. She can't stop herself playing with her hands in the pee and spreading it all on the kitchen floor. WD17

Drinking an wetting her jeans really well (16 January 2016)
Maya loves to drink lemon beer, but since she is after a long trip, drinking beer makes her bladder bulge even more, so she cannot held herself and pissed her jeans - WD16

Pissing on the balcony (11 January 2016)
Maya is thrilled to show her pussy on the balcony, but drinking so much beer will definitely make her pee, and the only way possible is to pee on the balcony. She wets her high heels shoes and she has to empty them as well on the balcony - WD15

Maya wetting her jeans for the first time. (10 January 2016)
Maya is new, but she found a new pleasure. She loved to drink beer and wet her favorite jeans. Once she started she couldn't stop until she wet them really well - WD14

Desperate to pee, she has to pee in front of the car (16 June 2015)
Diana is desperate to pee, she walks on an abandoned road, but she cannot pee. When she gets in the car, her bladder is about to explode so she gets in front of the car quick and pees in her jeans - WD13

Wide open peeing (16 June 2015)

Diana has changed into a short skirt, much easy to pee now. She has nothing to wipe with, so she takes a leaf of a plant and wipes her pussy with it. WD12

Road closed ! (16 June 2015)
We pulled over so Diana would pee, but the road is closed, so she cannot go far from the road, she has no option but to pee in her jeans in front of the car. And she has a lot of volume to release herself - WD11

Incapable to pee (16 June 2015)
On a very warm day, Diana wants to pee in her jeans, but although her bladder is bulging, she cannot - WD10

A little pee in her jeens (16 June 2015)
Diana is desperate to pee, but her zipper is stuck, and the only thing she can do, is to stand and hope she will deal with this embarrassing situation of peeing in her jeans - WD9

The perfect spot (16 June 2015)
Diana really must pee. She looks around and finds the perfect spot for a quick pee in the forest - WD8

Desperate in the woods (16 June 2015)

Taking a trip in the woods, seemed like a good idea until Diana realized that her bladder is bulging.. - WD7

Female desperation (25 May 2015)
Diana loves the outdoors, but the sad part is that there is no toilet outdoors. Feeling her bladder bulging, she becomes desperate to pee.

Desperate to pee (25 May 2015)
Diana is taking a nice trip trough the forest. Due to the heat she has to drink a lot, and her bladder bulges. While she prepares to pee, a biker shows up and interrupts her.

Stripping and pissing (18 May 2015)
Diana loves to strip her jeans and pee while feeling the wind caressing her pussy and ass - WD6

Peeing next to some flowered trees (18 May 2015)
While we were walking in a flowered orchard , Diana felt the urge to pee, and the stripped and peed there, next to the beautiful trees - WD5

A quick pee in the grass (18 May 2015)
We pulled over so that Diana can pee, and she took a quick pee in the high grass - WD4

Peeing on a rock (18 May 2015)
Diana takes off her clothes and pees on a rock. She is so excited that she pees a lot - WD3

Walking trough forest and... (18 May 2015)
Diana is walking trough the forest, drinking beer, and trying to find a place to pee - WD2

Peeing in the forest (18 May 2015)
Diana went for a nice walk trough a beautiful forest, but drinking beer makes her bladder bulge, she has to get all natural, pee and wipe her pussy with a leaf - WD1

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