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Diana wears no panties so she can pee outdoor (09 July 2018)
Diana wears a short jeans miniskirt and she loves to walk trough deserted places. She found a pretty spot under a bridge and she sits down and piss on the ground right there. WD48

Pissing in a beer glass in the middle of the living room (16 June 2018)
Diana is very shy. She wants to pee in a glass but her urethra is blocked. She tries and tries and finally she can pee in the glass and then she shows the golden liquid do the camera as a toast. WD46

Diana washes a glass and fills it with hot pee in the living room. (01 June 2018)
Diana loves to wash the dishes naked in the kitchen. Suddenly she feels the urge to pee. She washes a glass, takes it to the living room and fills it with hot golden pee. Then she pours it in the sink and puts the glass back in the ktichen. The next who will use it will have a surprise .  WD47

Wetting her jeans and pouring pee from her shoes. (30 March 2018)
Sexy shy brunette pee her jeans soaking them wet. Hot pee got in her high heels shoes and she takes out her shows to empty them in the shower, pouring the out out of them. Then she undress and takes a shower cleaning all the pee off her body. WD45

Jeans button stuck, she has to pee in her pants (15 January 2018)
Diana arrives home from work. She had meetings all day and her bladder is really full. She crashes into the bed, but immediately her bladder starts to hurt. She wants to go to the toilet to pee, but her button is stuck and she cannot unbutton her jeans to pee in the toilet. She goes to the shower and pee in her jeans, wetting them really well. Hot pee goes right into her high heels shoes and she pours it into the shower and onto herself. Now her bladder is empty and she can finally unbutton her jeans and undress them. WD44

Applying makeup and pissing huge jets in the shower (26 April 2017)
She is getting ready to go to a hot party, she applies some makeup.. but suddenly she cannot hold her pee, so she goes to the shower and sprays some long jets of pee all over the place, further than the shower , right all over the bathroom floor. WD43

Taking a piss in the shower (25 April 2017)
She is all dressed up, has her makeup made, her high heels on her feet, but she has to take a quick pee. He chooses to release her full bladder in the shower. She pees with huge jets then she washes her pussy with the shower. WD42

Desperate to pee, releases herself in the livingroom (17 March 2017)
She arrives home late and for some reason finds all the doors locked. She tries the bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen doors, but they are all locked. She has no other option than to release herself in the middle of the livingroom, and she has her bladder full, spraying her golden liquid all over the room. WD41

Pissing in a huge beer mug. (15 February 2017)
Sexy skinny girl Lara pushes hard on her bladder and pee in a huge beer mug. She then checks the level and tries to fill it some more. WD40

Open legs pee (04 July 2016)
On a hot summer day, Maya relaxes on her balcony. She sits on a rugged chair, dressed only in her panties and bra. She opens her legs wide, and plays with her pussy to relax and piss all over the balcony. She squirts several golden jets wetting all the balcony. It makes her feel very good when she emptied her full bladder, and she laugh and relaxes wiping her pussy with her panties. WD38

Peeing in a bucket and showing it to you (01 July 2016)

Maya has a big problem. The toilet is broken again, and since it's a very warm day she had a lot of cold beers. This is making her bladder bulge and she wants to release herself. The only option right now is to pee in a bucket and she splashes all over the room while she piss in the bucket. She than has to clean the room. WD39

Shooting jets all over the grass (30 May 2016)

Maya's bladder is fool. In this sunny day, she loves to empty herself right there on the grass. She takes off her panties and get's down on her heels, and shoots several pee jets all over the grass. Then she wipes her pussy with some leaves WD36

Peeing from the top of a car (25 May 2016)
We went out to relax in the nature. Since it was a warm sunny day, Maya had a lot of beers, which made her bladder bulge very mush. She then puts a blanket on top of a car (since it was very hot) and she pee from there, wetting the blanket and the grass. WD37

Standing on her ass and peeing up. (25 April 2016)
Maya sits on her ass in the shower and pee up, then she plays in pee, and then she takes a shower to clean it all up. WD35

Huge volume pee in shower, from front and from behind (23 April 2016)
Maya is pissing standing in the shower, filmed from front and from behind. Her bladder is really fool, and she pees for a long time with big jet. Her pee sparkles in the light. Very wet clip. WD34

Pee in the grass and wipe with a leaf (09 April 2016)
Diana has taken a trip to relax in nature, and she drunk a lot of beers. She is peeing with big jets and she feels really relaxed afterwards. WD33

Drinking, posing, and desperate to pee (09 April 2016)
Maya has taken a trip in nature, for a photo shooting. She poses for the camera, but since it is hot, she drinks a lot of beers. She feels her bladder bulging, so she decides to pee, but she cannot, although she tries and tries and she pushes her bladder, and opens up her pussy for the pee, but it is blocked. WD32

Pissing in a glass (26 March 2016)
MAYA wants to have a bit of fun. She goes in the shower, and she pushes her belly to squeeze her bladder. She then piss in a glass, but she sees that she has far more pee than to fill a glass. She spills over, then she splashes her pee all over. WD31

Full bladder - explosive pee (25 March 2016)

Maya just entered the room, and she MUST empty her bladder. She climbs over the toilet and pees with big flows. WD30

Pee on the washing machine (14 March 2016)
Maya is alone at home, she wants to wash some of her clothes, but she feels the urge to pee. She climbs on the washing machine and pees all over it. Then she get's down and clean the washing machine. WD28

Too many beers (20 November 2017)

Maya had too many beers, she got drunk, she piss her pants, huge volume pee, she burps and hiccups, than she falls from the chair and goes to rest on the floor, in her own pee. WD29

Desperate to pee in bathroom (29 February 2016)
Maya has enjoyed a lot of beer, and since she took a hot shower, her bladder is almost full, and she tries hard to pee on the bathroom floor - WD27

Wetting her jeans in the kitchen (28 February 2016)
Maya loves to enjoy lemon beer. She had a lot of it, and since she is alone at home, she can wet her jeans right there in the kitchen - WD26

Maya wetting her sexy jeans on the balcony (19 February 2016)
Maya dressed for a party, but since she cannot stop drinking beer, he really needs to empty her bladder, and she decides to do it on the balcony. She really wets her jeans good. So good that piss goes down the leg to her high heels , and she takes them off and empty them as well. WD25

Trying to piss in sexy dress (07 February 2016)
Maya loves to drink beer, and she gets in the bathtub to piss, having her bladder almost full. She just rises her dress and presses on her tummy to release herself. - WD24

Pee accident on the balcony (03 February 2016)
Maya is trying to pee with her legs wide open, while standing on a rugged chair on the balcony. Just when the pee jet begins to flow, the chair gives weight and her bladder block. She tries to pee after that, but it is incredibly hard - WD23

Huge volume pee (01 February 2016)
Maya feels she cannot hold her pee any more. She drunk a lot of beers, and she has to pee right there in the kitchen. The pee jet has huge volume and she pees almost 6 feet away (2 meters). WD22

Self video (31 January 2016)
Maya is filming herself trying to  piss in a bathtub, dressed in a sexy dress - WD21

Pissing on the kitchen floor (shot from another angle) (19 January 2016)
Maya has been drinking beer and pepsi all day long, and since the toilet is broken, her only option left is to pee with her legs wide open on the kitchen floor. And what a jet he has.. She can't stop herself playing with her hands in the pee and spreading it all on the kitchen floor. WD20

Drinking an wetting her jeans really well (shot from another angle) (22 January 2016)
Maya loves to drink lemon beer, but since she is after a long trip, drinking beer makes her bladder bulge even more, so she cannot held herself and pissed her jeans - WD19

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